The chaotic lines in their wonderful display of flowery colours filled the main screen with all their glory – like an explosion of a bonbon-factory, is what the graphic looked like. The real reason for its existence was of course completely scientific. The graphic was the outcome of Martin’s latest experiments. It showed clauses and their adventurous ways through Martin’s theorem prover. He tried to explain the most interesting parts of his colourful masterpiece to the others in this Zoom-conference, but their faces did not light up in the way faces do, when the mind behind it understands something complicated. “Probably, I am not good at explaining”, he commented the silence. “Or this is just boring.” He looked at the tiny pictures of his colleagues in their homes. He was the only one, who still used his office in the Technical University in Prague. The others had followed the restrictions of the government and worked from home in full self-isolating fashion, as the corona time in its bloom demanded. “Or do you have any questions?”

Honza seemed to be the only one, who felt the silence of his colleagues more uncomfortable than trying to ask a question, that would surely show, that he had no idea, what Martin was talking about. “And why is there this shape on the one side? That, that looks like a wing?”

“That’s the start, before it got chaotic. Here they match the weight and underneath it – but that you cannot see now – is the one for the age and the bottom is the bottom.” Honza nodded in a desperate attempt to look like he could follow. Slowly the others tried to join in. Janek tried to come forward with an idea to maybe improve the process and Martin tried to encourage him through interested nodding and an advanced listening face. He let him talk to the end, before he explained that they had tried the idea the year before and mentioned, why this hadn’t worked. Jenda also had a go and Martin was really happy that he engaged in the topic – it did not matter that his idea was also not an improvement. But soon they shifted to a new topic, as Radek seemed to be in danger to nod off and Alexej seemed to get more and more hypnotized by his gorgeous looking cat. Gregor was the next to explain his work. He showed the program, he was working on the last year on the main screen. Martin gave him a few compliments for the idea and the look and asked tiny questions in between to encourage Gregor to talk even more. He was finished as Radek took over. Radek had a few problems setting up the main screen, but then started talking about his new idea. He was a slow speaker, who put a lot of “ahem”s in his speech. It wasn’t easy to concentrate now, even Martin struggled. “PENG!” A sharp sound went through the conference call. It was alarmingly loud. Everyone stared at the screen in disbelief. Martin had problems finding the right picture. From whose connection did the sound come from? Then he saw something red. It ran over Gregor’s hand, that he pressed on his chest right under the left shoulder. His eyes were wide, his face pale. It looked like in a movie as he tried to catch some breath. And then he fell slowly, with sheer horror on his face … and he was out of sight.

to be continued

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