Dear Ronin,

Do You remember the task you gave me at the beginning of winter? You asked me to talk to the moles in your garden, to go into hibernation. It was a challenging task, I have to admit. My experience with talking to moles comes down to two encounters. One very sad one about a disorientated mole, I could not help and one happier one, where I helped a very fast running mole off a parking lot, by catching it and bringing it back to a place with soil. In both situations there was not that much talking involved. I had to reassure the second mole, that I am in it to help it, but it was very nervous and we didn’t get into a deeper conversation.

Now, I had to talk to moles, because I wanted something from them – that is a totally different challenge level! To be honest, I didn’t expect to get anything out of this talk. Probably, because I think moles have the absolute right to live wherever and however they want. But it was a musequest and I am contractly obliged to at least try to solve the situation. And it went better than I thought it would. I didn’t ask them to change anything, I just asked for information about their life in winter. And I got a very detailed answer about how they make themselves a nice cozy home and build in a foodchamber for the winter. I didn’t tell you by the time, because the moles answer was really very, very detailed and that kind of information didn’t feel so good in my stomach. One was so kind, that he explained to me, where exactly, where he bites off a bit of rainworm to paralyze it without killing it, so that it will stay fresh in the food chamber, till it is time to kill and eat it. I don’t want to recall the details…

But now, as spring is about to start, I got a very nice message from a mole, that seems to wear the title Ambassador for mole-human relations. And she explained very nicely, how humans with gardens profit from a symbiotic existence with moles. She gave me some tips for you:

The earth piles, that some people dislike, are actually very handy for humans, she explained to me. You can take the loosened soil and use it for a lovely flower bed, without the need to buy soil in the market.

You can also distribute the soil evenly over the meadow. The plants will love it, she assured me.

You can also put flower bulbs directly into the piles and end up with nice colourful spots in a pattern that were designed by moles – an exciting interspecies artproject, when you come to think of it.

And then she said, that I also could remind you of how it was the moles, who set up the mighty information-traveling-net underground, that enabled the Queen of the Woodspirits to raise the army of foxes and hogs to defeat the horrible threat of the Mouldprince and his blackening grip back in the days of the Wounded Wars, when life was shaken to its core, that saved the woodlands and meadows of Bohemia.

In a sidenote, I want to add, that in her tone I could hear a conscious threat. I think, I heard her muttering the words: “Human blindness”, before she disappeared in the ground again. And I had to think about that misconception of humans, thinking that moles were completely blind. They can differ between light and dark. And I wonder if there is a inspirational-quote-Facebookpage out there with this post against consumerism:

“I might not see your glittering goods of shimmering greed, but I can spot, what is dark and what is light – The wisdom of the mole.”

I mean, one could put it on a T-Shirt and sell it, making it real contradictive and oh so deep. Or what about:

“Perhaps the moles will bring us the light, because it is the only thing, they can see.”

Doesn’t it have cult-leader potential? The Church of the Mole. The Rise of the Moles. Moletology. The Moleluminati. Or if we go German, we could set up the “Maulwürfler”.

Not sure, if that is any use for You, but hope, You will agree, that I did my job as a muse (although the job was not classical musework).

I wish you well,

Your Muse in Training

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