Once upon a time there was a lion. Not a complete lion, he was a halfbred. Half lion, half human. He lived in a human world, in a human city and did human things all day long. One stormy night, he met someone, who was a bit like him: A tigress, half human, half beast. The two of them nodded at each other and walked the night together. “It is not easy to live in the human world. I dream of the jungle and I feel those streets like chains around my chest”, the tigress said. “Must be awful”, answered the lion and ignored the stare of the tiger. From that night on, they met from time to time. They would find each other, nod at each other from the distance and then walk the night together. They would share their problems with each other. The tigress had a lot of them. She had problems accepting her spot in life. She was too big to fit in, too strong to ever use all her powers and the human world was too limitided for her stride. So she was tiptoeing around, feeling kind of useless, because no one seems to really need her tigerpowers. So she felt, like what she was in this world – half a human, only a half.

The lion also had problems, but they were different. The lion lived to fit in with humans. He said, that he is only a little bit of lion, not half, just a little bit. He had managed to take a human job and human hobbies and he lived among other humans quite unnoticed. And the tiger saw, how good he was at it. But the tiger had – well – the eye of a tiger, which let her look into the future. She saw that not all was so well and that the lion had troubles after all. One night he confessed, that he knew, that there was a nasty storm coming. The tigress nodded again and said, that she will fight for him, if he needed her to. But the lion shook his head: “All I need is a nice female. A human one. A real human girl on my side. And no lion problem will ever occur again.”

The tiger looked at him in disbelief. “How would she solve your problems? Will you suddenly not miss the Savannah? Will you stop having dreams about huntig wildebeasts? Will you stop roaring, so no one will be ever afraid of you again?”

The lion shook his mane. “I don’t have those problems. I am a human. And all that is missing is a human wife. When I have that, I will become a real human. No more lion problems ever again.”

The tigress was worried about the lions words. She looked in the future and saw how the path of the lion would look like, if he wouldn’t change direction. She tried to give him hints, but the lion never listened. He started to put all his time in his hunt for a human woman. He snuck through the grass, he jumped, he fletched his teeth – but the caught women all struggled free. So he changed the tactic. He layed around on his back, showing girls his soft, fluffy belly. Oh, they came in flocks, like sheep. They let their beautiful girlfingers run through his mane and patted his big majestic head with their good smelling hands. Sometimes he would cuddle up and that felt great. But he soon felt insecure and then he started to roar and that made them all go away. One night the tigress came along. “Still not found, what you are looking for?”, she said in a calm voice, that rolled through the streets like far away thunder.

The lion didn’t like her tone. “It is not that easy. I have to find the one, that is right!” And the tiger nodded again. “Why do you start roaring after a while?” That caught the lion unprepared. He hadn’t noticed his own roars. “I think that spooks them away.” The lion shook his head in slight disbelief. “It doesn’t matter”, he said. “None of them was the right one.”

“How did you notice?”, the tigress asked. The lion did not tell for it was not necessary. The tiger already knew: “None, of them could solve your problems.” Now it was the tiger who roared. “How should they? You have normal half lion, half human problems! How can a human girl solve that? Love is a mighty force, but can not solve everything!” The tigress roared even louder and she could not hold her powers any longer. She jumped on the lion in full tiger mode and they wrestled and roared for the next hours. They ran, they caught each other, they fought and ran again. Before the sun came up, they were lying exhausted on a hill with a wide view over the city. “Don’t get rid of all your lionpowers”, the tiger whispered. “You are a wonderful lion. And I don’t want to be the only beast in town.”

“Being a lion is hard.”

“Being a human is hard as well.” And as the first beams of sunlight found their way to the both of them, the tigress started licking the lions fur. “Love can save you, because it can make you stronger. But you still have to fight your fights. With a good love you get a shield and a paramedic. That’s it. But you don’t have to stop roaring. Someday you will find someone, who is not scared. Or who is scared, but also very courageous.”

And the lion yawned and turned on the back. For the first time he showed the tigress his soft, fluffy belly and she licked it with her big cat tongue and the best care in the world. A new day began…

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