As the plots in my brain fight over whether the next story will be a crime story or a vampire story, here in Prague I have the chance to get my brain even more confused. Of course, I had to take that chance. In this beautiful city, there lives a man, who is an actual vampire expert, but at the same time he is a crime-solving detective. So Mable and I headed out to meet him. The only problem about that is, that the vampire, he is an expert of, is not a creature of the night, but an advanced automatic theorem-prover, which is really exciting – I know – if you are really into SAT-solvers and other great things in the logic field of computer science. And the crime-solving part is also not unproblematic, because he does this only in my stories, where I have endless fun in putting him into tricky situations. So every murderer he caught, he caught only in a fictional way (which is quite good actually, because they all were fictional murderers who did fictional murders). But having dinner with a character of a story you wrote is one of the loveliest dreams we writers share, I dare to say (that is only, if we were nice to that characters, I guess). But beloved computer-science-detective Martin, had a surprise for me: Mikuláš. Mikuláš is a collegue and friend of Martin and I wrote about him as well in two of my stories. I enjoyed watching him and Martin so much, that I came to the conclusion that I need to write more about real people. All this opportunities! If all my characters were based on real people, I could just ask them out for dinner. I could ride my horse alongside my other detective, the horse and sword master Dash’il. I could travel around with the mysterious Nanji, eat some ice cream with the always funny Lina and Kirsten and I could jump through time with the help of the irresistible time traveling pony Kronos. Or I could have my life threatened by the great Gelengar or other scary villains of my stories. Yay!

But I can sit here in the mensa of a real university, eating some suspicious looking but actually quite okay lunch and listen to Martin talking about the paper, he has to write, before the deadline arrives on it’s fast horse with the flaming mane and the fire breath. It is astounding, how much fun I can have with explanations about very specific things in the world of computer science, although I have no natural interest in that field at all. Maybe it is the logic part, that is so seducing, that I start thinking about clauses and how to order them, before I fall asleep at night… Maybe it is the joy of having something complicated to think about with the demanding part of my mind, who needs to be fed with riddles all the time, because otherwise it goes wild and destructive. Maybe it is the satisfying feeling of being able to think relaxed about a plot, whilst the demanding part is distracted. So, a crime story is forming. I can feel it. There is some murder-riddle sneaking closer on the cobblestone streets of Prague…

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