Whereever I am, I try to be aware of where the next giraffes are. You know, just for emergencies – if I suddenly need a support-giraffe and things like that. So the geografical placement of Pragues zoo is of interest for me. Which way better to check it out than by checking it out? Just a short drive with the metro and then in the short busline, which seems only to exist to bring people to the zoo and back to Troja. Yes, the zoo is in Troja, which is surprisingly easy to find, when you think of how much effort it took Heinrich Schliemann 😉.

A handsome tiger (I know, they are all handsome)

Due to scheduling issues involving the end of my czech class and the colsing time of the zoo, I got three hours for my outchecking task. Three hours is of course not nearly enough time for me and a whole zoo. The first station on my tour was the beautiful tropical house near the entrance. And already at this first location my timeplan got challenged. There was a very nice night-part included in the house, where a whole bunch of never-before-seen-my-me animals live. I saw a little cuscus licking her two kids faces, as they were looking out of her pouch. I saw very curious civots and watched the free flying fruitbats getting very excited for their lunch. My Begleithörnchen, Mable, was also very excited to read the sign: Sugargliders. But sadly, we couldn’t find any of her convergent evolutioned lookalikes. We got scared by the komodo-dragons, swept away by the hypercute fennec fox, that had so much interest in our food (a delicious palačinka s čokoládou) and got into a counting challenge, because we just couldn’t believe that there were ten – ten! – giraffes in front of us. For the first time I saw one of the infamous honeybadgers, clouded leopards and the to the horse-family belonging Kiangs. What a day!

A very chatty fennec fox

And then I saw the souvenir-shop… Despite bad eyesight I spotted a wonderful stuffed animal from afar. I knew, I would not be able to leave without it. And in the shop, I found the stuffed-animal-shop assistant of my dreams. One look and she knew, what I was up to. She asked, which animal, I am looking for. I told her and without any further questioning, she showed me all five individuals she got, so I could choose the most likeable face. This is what I want! I chose the most handsome fellow, before my eyes fell on the totebags. Lovely designs of an ara-parrot, a cockatoo and one with a tiger on it. “They are brand-new and so beautiful”, she tells me. “I need all three of them!”, is my answer. She asks me, if I need a bag for the animal and I say: “No, I have bags now!” and she puts the stuffed animal in one of my freshly purchased totebags. She says: “I wonder if we could fit the bag in the other bag and then in the third bag…”

A tired clouded leopard

I look at her with respect. “I like your way of thinking! And there is only one way to find that out!” So now we are grinning, as she puts the cockatoo-bag in the tiger bag and then the whole thing in the parrot bag. It is not often that I get that satisfied whilst shopping. That is the kind of service I am looking for! 

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