Lovely, vampiry Prague

As soon as Mable and I felt comfortable in our room, we wanted to leave. We headed out to the city, just me and her – the girls (as we never refer to ourselves). The sun still had a serious grasp on the sky, as we left the hotel, but it soon got weaker and the city prepared for the dark of night. Prague put on it’s best evening gown – a gorgeous one, brocaded with a myriad of shimmering lights. And we were bedazzled. I just followed my feet and my feet followed my eyes. All those gems – not hidden at all! But food, said my stomach.

All the lights!

Finding food on my own is difficult for me. I don’t feel hunger like I used to and when I am alone the act of eating gets very dull and I want to quit after a few bites. And I wanted something to go, because there is this city that needs to be expeditioned through. I finally got to the most expensive tourist-trap stand (I knew what it was, we have the same kind in Vienna as well) and bought the most expensive Halušky in the whole wide world, I assume. But they were delicious! And they saved my stomach, my mood, my blood pressure and my evening. And then I found myself on Karlův most – the Charles Bridge on the Vltava. And there was the Tower and the Gate and the Castle and the lights in the River and there were the cries of the night-seagulls – or let’s call them nightgulls, birds of the stormy darkness, guardians of the nightly waters. They brought a vampirey feeling to my river crossing. Perfect. The Vampires of Prague. That’s what I am here for. Can I put them in a crime story? Concentrate! Vampires don’t necessarily need a second genre, you could talk about their haircut and it would be a legit piece of vampire fiction, right? Right? Oh, Prague truly has a vampire-flair. But all the nice murders out there, who needs to get solved… I feel it in my fingers, there is a plot about to be happen.

Follow the cries of the nightgulls for they will lead to beauty, where light and darkness hold each other in secret embrace.
(I am just practicing for my maybe vampire-story.)

Oh, yes. I am here to learn Czech. Yes. That’s what I am here for. Čeština. 🥰

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