This is a new adventure, a new quest, a new shyquest – I travel to Prague to take a two week Czech class. I am not completely new in the world of conquering the Czech language, I have to admit. I trained with my tandem partners (language exchange partners), have an app for learning and one or two hundred years ago, I took a class in Austria. So I know that I am sitting in a vlak and when I look outside of the okno I see a landscape full of white sníh.

Mable is very excited, it will be her first time in Prague. She is my Begleithörnchen, which is a brilliant pun in German (She is a flying squirrel which is a “Gleithörnchen” in German. And she accompanies me and that is “begleiten” in German. So there you have it “Begleithörnchen”☺️).

With me is my new partner Mable, my Begleithörnchen, and she seems to be really excited. My Czech class will start tomorrow morning, I already got the books for it and looked a bit into it. I love the Czech language already. Besides me really wanting to be able to speak Czech, I got an assignment from my husband. He is a bit shy of traveling to a country, where none of us speaks the language. So he sent me out to learn enough to be able to read complicated traffic signs like the one, we did not understand and had to pay a fine, because it was forbidden for us to drive on that street and it was expensive and he had to speak to the police and although they spoke German, he does not want to come into that situation again. But we want to travel around beautiful Czechia (and it is only ten minutes away from home and no other country can beat Czechia in that category).

Another assignment I got, is to bring snow at least in the mountains, so a friend of mine can go cross-country skiing. I think, I managed that quite good, but I am not sure if I get any payment out of it.

My personal bucketlist is short: Walk around the city, maybe go up a tower, walk along the river, maybe buy a nice dress, visit the zoo, visit a nice museum, maybe go bouldering or have my first climbing lesson, find a horse, take a lot of pictures, drive a tram, try to meet a cat, find a hidden or not hidden gem, eat something delicious, plot a vampire story, walk in a park, find a good murder, act like I could solve a tricky logic problem in the field of computer science, train my muse skills, the usual stuff….

Only one more hour to go. Yay!

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