Hi there, my name is Sibylle, this is my blog and I want to say hello and Hallo. I am a writer from Austria, so I usually write in German, but for this blog, I chose to challenge myself by writing in English, a language, I started learning when I was thirteen years old – mainly by watching television. So that is, why I am quite proud of my achievement of filling a blog with all those lovely English words 🐱.

Yes, I love setting up challenges for me and with writing it is of course the same. So my main musequest-story is a writing challenge, where I start stories without knowing what happens next. I started to love this exercise quite immediately. It is a whole different approach to my usual work of creating a plot and then working through it.

I loved this exercise so much, that I started to do a lot more of it in the last two years. And it made me calmer and the confidence in my writing abilities grew. One of my favourite outcomes of these exercises was the story “Mord in Thessaloniki”, which you could read here just a few weeks ago – if you are capable of understanding German that is. I wrote this for a friend and because this friend was learning German at the time, it was actually meant to improve his language skills. And I want to mention that this worked quite well and his grades in German class skyrocketed through our language-exchange 😎 (but don’t ask him about it).

To keep him reading through the difficult German text, I chose a story, in which he is the main character. And because I wanted fun as well, I wrote a crime-story (I am quite obsessed with Agatha Christie novels to be honest). So, whilst he went to Greece for a conference, I started writing about it, killed someone off and sent it to him. Everyday I wrote a bit and I wove in as many events from reality, as I could. And I had to invent the motive of the murderer and his identity on the way, which was tricky and fun. In the end I presented him the finished crime story as his birthday present – which was really cheap for me 😅.

I had so much fun doing this, that I wrote another story, when he travelled to the UK. And another one, when he went to Portugal. And a real long one, when he traveled to a conference in Ethiopia. But I should start writing for other friends as well – although, I really, really like my steadily growing collection of Martin crime stories. But perhaps I should try writing one or two in English 🤔.

I think, what I might want to say is, that I love writing challenges 🥰. And I adore sharing them with curious readers. They make my fingers go all “typsy” 😉.


Your Muse in Training

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