What did I miss? To get rid of the armour, did not reduce the danger of Ronins presence. It was quite the contrary. Without the stiff armour Ronin could move around more freely  and he used his new freedom to run around and to climb on every tree and every wall he could find. The joy of his movements made him look so happy and alive that he looked even more loveable for my lovecrushed eyes. My head felt as if a hurricane had struck the inside, my heart was beating with the pain of exhaustion. My immortal muse floated to me and sat down beside my aching body. “You are still alive”, she pointed out with her soft voice. “You are still capable of muse magic, I am sure of it.” I couldn’t even think of magic at the moment. “I am sure that you are just the right muse for the job”, she said now. “I saw one of my sisters getting very nervous as she looked at you. I am sure she recognized a skill in you, that is just the right one for this mystery.”

I rose my weary head. “What could that be?”, I asked. I felt so weak in that moment, I was sure that there were no special powers in me.

“It is way better, if I don’t help you”, she said. “All I can say is, that you should think about skills you have, that are not that common. Something in you made my sister flinch. You have to find out, what it was and then use it.” She blew me a kiss, smiled her lovely smile and disappeared again. Find my special skill? This sounded so much like one of those shitty “Quote Of The Day”-thingies on social media. “Be the best version of you!” Really? Thanks for telling me that, before I read those words, I always tried to be my worst. “Anger will lead you nowhere!” Oh, thank you for saying that. But weirdly this makes me more angry… Oh no, I am lost! “Sometimes you can find your path by closing your eyes.” And sometimes I can find peace by blocking wise words…

Oh, I really tried to distract myself from the problem! My special skill. What could I have, that other muses haven’t had? I can make up stories, but I felt that this time this was not the skill, that was required. But what else I got? I watched Ronin from afar. He was training with his sword. Or playing with it, I couldn’t tell the difference. He will enjoy riding now, I thought. Without the armour, he would be able to sit much more comfortable and he would feel more of the horses motions, I guessed. Perhaps I could convince him to try to ride his horse without a saddle. Then he could enjoy every movement of his beautiful mare. And maybe I could find a bitless bridle for the horse. I was sure, it would enjoy this. And then, painfully slowly it dawned at me. Really, why on earth haven’t I thought sooner of this. The horse. I should take a look at the horse. Because this is my special skill, I realized. I am really good with horses.

New power pumped through my veins as I got up. The beautiful mare with the creamy white coat stood on the meadow, grazing. It looked up, as I came closer. As it watched me, I saw, that she was not keen on meeting me. I knew, she would run away, if I came closer. So I changed my path a bit to avoid the direct way, that would have caused her to be alarmed. I grew up with horses and I don’t know how often I had to deal with horses that would not want to be caught. It was enough to figure out some strategies. This time I went to a tree and acted like there would be something of interest. I moved a bit around whilst watching the tree and I came relatively close to her. For a moment, I wanted to swear, because of all my clothes, the ones I wore in the dream maze were the only ones, that haven’t got tasty treats for horses in their pockets. But then I remembered that I could use magic and I used it to get a beautiful apple. I took a bite and got the pony’s attention immediately. I let her have a bite from my apple and she started to sniff my hands. It was all going according to plan. I scratched her on the usual pony scratching top spots and she clearly liked it. So I started to undress her. I took off the bridle and her beautiful metal knight-horse mask. She shook her head quite relieved. I took off the saddle with the rest of the equipment and she went off to roll around in the meadow to scratch her back. As she stood up again I already waited with another apple. And soon we were agreeing on an activity. I scratched and massaged her and she stood calm beside me, enjoying the treatment.

Ronin watched carefully. I could see, that he was nervous, but he acted calm. The mare now allowed me to touch her head. She even closed her eyes, but I wanted her to look at me. So I called her by a name, I thought would fit. “Kokoro!”, I said. “Kokoro!” And then she looked at me directly and she showed the core of her being. “Ronin”, I whispered and in the next moment, he was beside me. “Ronin, look in the eyes of your horse! Look and see!”

It was a beautiful moment. You could see the shimmering light of magic glowing in triumph. Ronins Fingers reached out to touch her. The lovely snout of the pony came close to his face. They breathed each others breath. They reunited. For it was Ronins heart that beat in the horses breast, for it was Ronins feelings of love that were running through her veins. Kokoro – the japanese word for heart. Kokoro – the mare that held Ronins feelings.

They cuddled for a while, then all of a sudden, Ronin jumped on her back. The galloped in joyful speed around the meadow. They ran free as the wind itself, they glowed like the stars in the width of the milky way. And I felt free as well. What a glorious sight!

In the end they came to me. Ronin jumped off and lowered his knee. He took a knights bow in front of me. Kokoro also bowed with all the sweetness of a pony. “Thank you for freeing my heart”, spoke Ronin. He took my hand and placed a gentle kiss on it. “Thank you, my muse!”

Of course I started crying. All the painful and frighting experiences came up again and were washed away by my tears of exhaustion. Ronin got up to hold me in his soft embrace. “I can feel”, he whispered in my ear. He gave me a kiss on the head. “I can feel the most wondrous things…”

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