“Describe him to me”, my muse said with her lovely look of catlike curiosity. “Perhaps we can find out together, how you know him.” I just told her, that I recently met a guy, who looked so familiar to me, but I couldn’t tell why. I just mentioned this encounter in a side note, but my enchanting muse was very interested in my tale. “I talked to him, but he was born in a different country, he just moved here and I am sure, I would have remembered him, if I had met him in the past. But still, he looks so familiar. As if I would know him from a dream”, I said and saw that spark in her eyes growing. “Well, perhaps a dream is exactly, where you met him. Tell me more!”

I tried to give a physical description, but that was not, what she was looking for. “Describe his heart!”, she demanded. “His heart… well, I just met him once. I don’t know about his heart.” She examined me for a while, then led the conversation in another direction. But that story wasn’t over. A week later or so, I ran into the same man. It was pure coincidence. We said “hi” and moved along. Again my muse was very excited about that little side note. “Perhaps he is looking for you”, she said. “I don’t understand”, I replied. “He doesn’t seem like a stalker or something. I’m sure it was a coincidence.” She shook her head as to chase away my silly answer. “Well, if he is looking for you, it means that your muse-power is growing, which would be good for both of us. Or he is just overly sensitive to magic. Or it’s both.” The next days, I thought about her words a lot. Was I really getting muse-powers? The dark inside me was quick to come up with a whole catalogue of reasons, why that can’t be true. The good thing was, that I had the chance to work in the maze of the lost hearts again. And there is no room for self doubts in this workplace. I helped a lovely woman expressing her feelings for a man, who after years of friendship, suddenly showed himself in a different light. And I listened to a young man’s story of first love. It wasn’t that much to do, so a had time to stroll around the labyrinth. There were always interesting things, places and creatures to find there. But this time, what I found, was an answer.

There was the sound of hooves echoing through the corridor and I noticed a change of light. Through a long passageway there was someone coming towards me. On a pale horse in a pale-coloured armour, there was this knight, that I already have seen a few times in the maze. “He is a guard of this labyrinth”, a fellow muse had told me. He was a tall figure on a tall skinny horse and his full body armour was so dazzling, that I had to shield my eyes with my hand. As he came nearer, I looked of course in the face of his horse. It seemed calm and not very interested in me. When the two of them passed me, I looked up to see the knights face. It was hidden behind the visor of his skilful designed helmet, but through a narrow slit, I managed to see his eyes. It was only a glimpse, but all I needed. This was him. This knight was the man, I had met in the real world. “Ronin”, I exclaimed, because that was the name he had told me. He didn’t react, but his horse turned the head a bit. It gave me a deep look, before shaking its head and breaking into canter. “Ronin!”, I tried again, but the knight and his horse disappeared quickly in the confusing system of the maze.

Now I was intrigued as well. First thing I did back in reality, I looked for a chance to meet with Ronin again. That was not a difficult task. And just a few days later, I went on my muse-mission in the strange world of reality.

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