“So, what shall I do with all this love-fuelled energy?” The girl, that asked that question, was sitting right beside me on a bench in a lovely little pavilion inside the maze of the lost hearts. She leaned her head against my shoulder and repeated: “What shall I do?” It was my third time in the maze. I already have had some experience with the lost hearts, that were strolling around in the labyrinth. Most of the time, all they needed was someone, who they could tell their story of love. And sometimes, they needed a little encouragement that was easy to give. The words “Everything is alright” appeared to be full of magic. I had to say it just one time and a smile would show on their faces. Twice I had to use the words: “You are not weird, you are in love”, to get the wanderers in the right mood. Usually, when they found just this little bit of peace, they moved along, left the maze and went back to reality.

With this girl, that wanted to be called Sparrow, it was different. Her story was more complex. Sparrow had met this young man named Tim a few weeks ago. A few hours later she discovered, that her heart beat unusually fast. The next day she could neither eat nor relax. She could not sleep properly and her concentration was kind of broken. But she felt happy. And lucky. And wonderful. Of course Sparrow knew the reason for all this troubling issues, she knew, she had fallen in love with Tim. The problem with this situation was, that Tim was a really nice guy, always polite, always smiling. Because of that everyone liked him. Sparrow would have liked to show him her affection by being extra nice. So, he would get the feeling, that she might like him and he could ask his heart in secret, if it wanted to follow her. “It would have been a good and secure way of getting closer to him”, she explained. But her plan was not working. Because everyone was nice to Tim. Because he was nice to everyone. She was sure, that he hadn’t noticed yet, that her heart was silently burning for him. “I know, I need to be patient”, she said to herself. “I just need more time with him.” And she sighed loudly with a hint of desperation. “But till then, I am going crazy!”, it burst out of her. “In the middle of the night I started running through a park, because I could not sit still. I have to wait five days before I can see him again. What shall I do till then? What shall I do with all this love-fuelled energy?”

“You have a lot of possibilities you can try”, I told her with a warm smile. “You could use this energy to create something or to learn something.”

Sparrow gave this idea a long thought. “But I can barely concentrate. I have to think of him all the time. It’s ridiculous”, she added quietly.

“Perhaps you can find something, that has to do with him”, I suggested. “Didn’t you tell me, that he grew up in Germany? Perhaps you could use your energy for learning a foreign language.”

“I actually always wanted to learn German”, Sparrow told me. “That is not a bad idea. I actually already have a German-textbook at home.” I caught a spark in her eye, that made me happy. “He plays the cello very well. I just started to play the violin three months ago. Do you think, I could learn so fast, that I can play a duet with him?”

I could relate so easily to that story. “Well, you could make it like this: Every time your emotions grow to strong for you, you can take the violin out and practise.”

“So, I will do nothing but playing the violin”, she said with a smile. “Well, you are right, that way I will play better soon.”

“I learned to play the flute that way”, I was ready to share. “I had a friend, who moved to the other side of the world. He was a flutist. The day he flew away, I started to play the flute. Every time I missed him, I played and practised. I practised a lot! I still do, whenever I miss him. Playing the flute is like magic for me”, I tried to explain. “It is a wonderful gift he gave me unintentionally. And a pleasant side-effect is, that I still feel close to him, although I didn’t see him in years.”

“That is a sweet story”, Sparrow assured me. “I will try to use my Violin to find an outlet for my emotions.” She leaped on her feet, opened her arms and danced out of the pavilion. Her smile was enchanting. I followed her and took a shower in her sweet joy. “He is so wonderful”, she whispered with a smile. “I wonder how to say I love you in German.”

“It’s Ich liebe dich”, I told her. “But you can use another phrase. Ich hab dich lieb. It is cuter and not that strong, but endlessly lovely.”

“Ich hab dich lieb”, she repeated. Then her smile grew even bigger and with the blink of an eye she transformed herself into a sparrow. One round around the pavilion and off she flew.

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