My first attempt to answer this question was: “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer”. It actually went on a bit longer: “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr”. And even longer than that, but who has time for that?

“Don’t get blocked”, my new muse softly said. “Just think back from this moment and I will watch your memory.”

Wow, now that is solid magic, I thought. I had to focus to remember my day and the week and maybe my whole life backwards. Were there really three magical occasions to find?

I came here via tube, my thoughts went. It’s a shame I didn’t use a magic carpet or a wild Pegasus. Before that I was at home and had lunch and before that, I was watching British panel shows on You tube and before that….

“Let me have a quick look!” The lips of the muse moved in kiss shape, but instead of giving me a little kiss on the cheek or something poetic like that, she just blew air in my face. Instantly my memories rushed in my consciousness – not one by one in a polite queue, no, all of it in a chaotic stampede. My feelings didn’t know, how to cope, so they took me on a rollercoaster ride, which would be a fitting metaphor, if the rollercoaster was located in an enraged vortex. “Oh, sorry”, she said softly. “That was a bit harsh of me.” I was trembling and sobbing and I struggled to open my mouth: “No problem.” She handed me the cat and it purred sweet and encouraging. I began to feel better.

The beautiful muse stretched and sighed satisfied. “I am so pleased with you!” She smiled at me. “I have to admit I kind of choose you, because I was in a hurry and you were there, but what I saw in your memories is very promising. Oh, I will enjoy teaching you and seeing you grow. And you can grow a lot!” I am actually not sure, if this was a compliment, but I sure felt my spirits rising. “And the magic?”, I asked.

“You use a lot of magic without knowing. Your empathy is highly skilled.”

“Empathy”, I said. “That is the thing that makes me cry a lot, right?”

“Yes, but it is also the key for your happiness and all the good things in your life.”

I felt relieved. Finally, someone said, that feeling so much is a good thing. “And you use it all the time”, she continued. “You use it for helping others, which already is the way of the muse. You use it to learn and to teach, which is as well very muse-like. And you already used it to create art.”

“And this counts as magic?”

“Even better, it counts as muse-magic!” My heart started dancing. “Of course we have to increase your power immensely. But we will start by teaching you how to recognise muse-magic. That will turn your world around, I can promise you that!”

Best. Day. Ever.

A question came up: “So what again is the answer to your question? What were the three last occasions, I used magic in my everyday life?”

“Well”, said the muse. “Just today showed three different types of magic. Obviously you can at least sometimes read the thoughts of your husband, you can talk with horses and you can spot a muse.”

I was astonished by myself. Was I really that cool?

She then said something like: “When we move on with our lessons you will see, how most of the people around you use magic in their everyday life.” But I didn’t listen, because before this sentence I felt very special. And I always wanted to be special!

“So, you get your first task!”, she changed again to her teacher voice. “Find a mortal muse, meet with her or him, then create a blog and write about it.” Whew, what a difficult task! To find someone who fits the description would be difficult enough, to find out how to start a blog – or even to find out what blog actually is – could be even harder for me. That’s a task that will keep me busy, I thought.

And then the muse said: “You have four days!”

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