“Magic?” All my fears stormed back in a sudden rush. I could feel my face turn pale as a fresh mozzarella-ball. “I can do no magic”, I whispered. “I am just a normal mortal person. And I am clumsy as well. I could not learn a slide of hand trick, if I practised it for half a century.”

“You don’t have to perform a card trick”, the muse said. “That is not the kind of magic that is needed. At least not yet.” She seemed to be amused.

“But I can’t do no other magic as well. No telekinesis, no magic transformations, I can’t even fly, except in my dreams.”

“But you can dream”, the muse argued. “You are a very skilled dreamer, that is easy to spot. I bet you dream half of the day or even longer.”

Now I blushed a tiny bit. “I do daydream a lot”, I admitted.

The muse smiled again. “And I bet your dreams create places in every detail, with smell and wind and temperature.”

I nodded as humble as possible.

“See, that is a good piece of magic”, this wonderful goddess said.

“This counts as magic?”, I wondered.

“Magic can be everything that moves your spirit, as I am sure you know deep within, even though you might have heard another definition.”

“I guess you are talking about the concept, that everything that can not be explained by science is therefore magic?”

“Yeah, let go of that concept. It is not useful for your new profession. Trust your instincts and you will be fine.” She leaned back a bit and a beautiful red and white cat jumped on her lap. It gave her a satisfied look, as she started petting its fluffy head. “We will practise that right away. Let’s start with a simple question!”

That sounded promising and I smiled encouraged. In the voice of a teacher she asked:

“What were the last three occasions, you used magic in your everyday life?”

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