“She is in, you heard it”, the muse said over her shoulder. A sudden breeze caught her hair and let it dance charmingly, while mine was just blown around chaotically, taking my sight and getting stuck on my lips. A small owl has landed on her shoulder. It wore a green wreath made out of olive branches on her round head. I couldn’t help but stare into her yellow round eyes. “Don’t get hypnotized”, the muse warned me, but I had no clue about how to accomplish that. “This is my new apprentice”, she said to the owl. “So, there is something you can report! The sun hasn’t set yet, so it counts. See, no need to worry!”

“When will she take the first test?” It was the owl, that said that in a surprisingly deep voice. “At the tournament of the songbirds, of course”, the muse replied. “Now, fly off and report!”

“That was a nice talking owl”, I heard myself saying, whilst trying to get out of this owl-triggered trance. “About this test…”

“Don’t worry about the test. It is easy, you will make it without any doubt. You just have to show, that you understand the principles of a muses work”, the goddess said softly. “And that you have the power to inspire others.”

I tried to play it cool, but I felt panic rising. “And I can do that?”, I ask insecure.

“You will learn it in no time”, my new mentor said.

I tried to find confidence in her words, but I had to actually look up and see her smile to get it. With her smile all my doubts faded away. I smiled back. It was astonishing how easy it was, to let go of my fears. The power of a real muse, I thought, is tremendous. No self-help-book or secret old-wise-monk-doctrine could ever have the same impact as the encouraging smile of a divine muse.

She opened her lips again and said: “And you have to prove that you can do magic, but that is all.”

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